BS5837Following the introduction of Government Circular 02/2008, the Local Planning Authority can refuse to validate planning applications if essential tree information is missing.  Where there are trees on or close to a site, your planning application must be accompanied by some or all of the following information:

  • A full tree survey compliant to the requirements of BS5837: Trees in Relation to Construction.
  • A site plan to a suitable scale, showing tree survey information and root protection areas.
  • An assessment of the affect your development will have on surrounding trees, detailing trees to be retained or removed and appropriate protection measures.
  • A method statement detailing the means of tree protection, construction and implementation of works.
  • Survey and report undertaken by a qualified arboriculturalist.

If you have trees on your site and you wish to submit a planning application, we are here to help.  Where trees are unlikely to be a significant issue, we can provide a cost- effective solution which will fulfil your Local Planning Authority’s requirements.   Where space is tight and trees and development may come into conflict, we provide a formal impact appraisal service where required.

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