landscape designOur historic parks and gardens were created through exemplary vision.  A vision based on the benefits of meticulous planning to create striking landscapes, designed to last hundreds of years.  The mature trees that we see in the grounds of our favourite estates were planted many decades ago, for our benefit and future generations.

We find such forethought and vision to be truly inspirational and our professional landscape design services offer this hall mark, the right species in the right place, to create inspired landscapes, for instant effect and for the future.

Our philosophy applies to all projects, both big and small and we offer comprehensive services in urban design, estate management and environmental regeneration.  Innovative bespoke designs include public artwork, green solutions, landscape appraisals and Environmental Impact Assessment.

We have most recently completed the design and installation of landscaping at Stretton Hall, a luxury 50 bed care home within the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  Our management of this project has required us to successfully meet a series of objectives, including initial planning approval and discharging planning conditions within a sensitive location.  We have designed and managed all landscape elements and completed the project within budget and within a limited time-frame.  Future Arbor successfully delivered all parts of the client’s brief.

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