Birmingham Ash

BBC news archive, July, 2002

Following the failure of a mature Ash, which resulted in the loss of three lives and subsequent prosecution, Birmingham City Council released the following statement.

Birmingham City Council “deeply regret this tragic accident [and] have taken on board the lessons to be learned to strengthen and upgrade our tree maintenance programme.”

The Council were referring to what is probably the largest survey of trees ever undertaken in the UK and our principal consultant, Brendan Tuer, was tasked with this significant undertaking.

“We are very pleased with the speed, reliability of service and professionalism in managing this tree survey on our behalf.”

Gordon Richards, Parks and Open Spaces Manager, Birmingham City Council.

This project required us to accurately survey and manage over 100,000 trees on behalf of Birmingham City Council, through which we demonstrated our aptitude for efficient, accurate tree surveying and large scale project management.

Since this time we have become one of the largest tree surveying companies and have completed large scale tree surveys on behalf of numerous local authorities and private clients (see our client list).

We manage your liability for potential tree failure using a legally defensible tree management methodology. We support this with computer mapping and data storage software, including GIS (geographic information systems), CAD and unix. We are able to code software to suit your individual requirements and our aptitude in database design means that we can meet all your specific requirements in tree population management.  These office skills are supported with proven project management and arboricultural experience, ensuring that we remain your best partner in tree risk assessment and liability management.  Our approach, through responsible arboriculture, is peace of mind in professional tree care.

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