Trees and planning

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The planning system doesn’t need to be complicated!

site plan

We understand how to progress tree issues quickly because we know what councils need and we have the expertise to deliver this information professionally.  We attribute our insight to previous employment as local authority tree officers and regular exposure to tree and planning officers, planning consultants and the planning system.  We appreciate that an inside perspective can make all the difference on sensitive sites.  Our knowledge of planning law is enhanced by our practical experience and use of innovative design principles for trees and construction.

We use computer aided design (CAD) and geographic information systems (GIS) to make the planning process as smooth as possible, to retain the best trees within a development site, without compromise to investment.  Our input at the early stages can enhance site layout and increase development potential.

From pre-application discussions to the final discharge of conditions, we minimise delay by delivering what councils want, when they want it, in a format that is easy for them to process. We know time is money and understand that your success depends on our ability to deliver the right information to the right people, as quickly as possible.  We work with you, to provide complete solutions to suit your specific circumstances.

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Arboricultural consultancy

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quantum leapFuture Arbor Ltd provide bespoke arboricultural solutions for a wide range of design projects, to ensure long-term, healthy tree retention.  One such example is our recent involvement with the iconic “Quantum Leap” sculpture, in the heart of Shrewsbury, which was installed in celebration of the bicentenary of Charles Darwin.

The early stages of design and planning identified existing mature trees on site as having a very high public amenity value, due to the prominance of the site next to a busy highway.  Future Arbor were retained as arboricultural consultants, acting on behalf of Shrewsbury and Atcham Borough Council and Pearce and Lal architects.  We were responsible for ensuring successful project completion with tree retention being afforded the highest priority.

“I would Recommend working with Future Arbor again.  They had great insight in understanding the clients needs and balancing this with the design team requirements, delivering a practical approach to the protection of tree’s and roots during and after construction.”

Ranbir Lal, Quantum Leap architect, Pearce and Lal Architectural Practice.

This unique project required the application of cutting edge arboricultural design and engineering principles.  The sculpture’s ribs alone weigh more than 113 tonnes, with foundations and piles adding a further 93 tonnes.quantum leap construction

Future Arbor created an industry-leading footpath design with permeable sub-base, binding and wearing courses.  Fast water percolation was a design necessity, due to the project being located within a high flood-risk area.  A smooth finish and minimal gradient were essential for disability access; the finish surface must be attractive to compliment the sculpture.  Following the design process, Future Arbor managed the installation and successfully integrated this with adjacent landscaping.

“Future Arbor provided excellent arboricultural support and expert guidance.”

Dominic Wallis, Business Development Manager, Shropshire Council

For more information regarding this iconic sculpture, the following link  is provided to the BBC news report.

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Tree surveys

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Birmingham Ash

BBC news archive, July, 2002

Following the failure of a mature Ash, which resulted in the loss of three lives and subsequent prosecution, Birmingham City Council released the following statement.

Birmingham City Council “deeply regret this tragic accident [and] have taken on board the lessons to be learned to strengthen and upgrade our tree maintenance programme.”

The Council were referring to what is probably the largest survey of trees ever undertaken in the UK and our principal consultant, Brendan Tuer, was tasked with this significant undertaking.

“We are very pleased with the speed, reliability of service and professionalism in managing this tree survey on our behalf.”

Gordon Richards, Parks and Open Spaces Manager, Birmingham City Council.

This project required us to accurately survey and manage over 100,000 trees on behalf of Birmingham City Council, through which we demonstrated our aptitude for efficient, accurate tree surveying and large scale project management.

Since this time we have become one of the largest tree surveying companies and have completed large scale tree surveys on behalf of numerous local authorities and private clients (see our client list).

We manage your liability for potential tree failure using a legally defensible tree management methodology. We support this with computer mapping and data storage software, including GIS (geographic information systems), CAD and unix. We are able to code software to suit your individual requirements and our aptitude in database design means that we can meet all your specific requirements in tree population management.  These office skills are supported with proven project management and arboricultural experience, ensuring that we remain your best partner in tree risk assessment and liability management.  Our approach, through responsible arboriculture, is peace of mind in professional tree care.

More information regarding the Birmingham Ash can be found at

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